5 Things Every Residential Remodeling Contract Should Have

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Remodeling your house? You must have gone through the local contractor’s directory to find the best building construction contractors to help you remodel your old house. When you are remodeling, you main criteria would be a better design, which can be executed easily at a pocket-friendly budget, so that it doesn’t, after all, feel like building a new house all over again.

Select Wisely

When you go through the contractor’s directory looking for the perfect home remodeling contractors, you must ensure they have a valid residential contractors license. Without this license, you cannot get your house plans approved legally, thus posing a bigger problem in the future. Working around your house and remodeling yourself is one thing, but getting a professional residential contractor to do the job is whole other thing.

Home Contractors

When residential remodeling contractors or residential construction contractors are involved, you need to execute a legal residential remodeling contract. It is always advisable to have a legal attorney execute the written contract, as having the expectations and promises in writing offer better clarity. Here are a few must haves in your contract:

Project Description

A detailed description of what the project exactly is should be written down. It should include all details such as the size of construction, materials or products to be used along with the charges, estimated time and the cost of the project. If the charges are not certain due to changing products or labor charges, a rough estimate should be provided. This enables you to know the approximate budget and plan accordingly. Always ensure there is a delivery date or time frame mentioned so that you are left waiting for the project to be completed.

Role Of The Home Contractors

The role of the contractor should also be mentioned clearly. Their job does not stop with just the construction, they need to get the required permissions, certificates, remove debris and hand over the completed project to you.

Payment Details

Details regarding how often the home improvement contractors will be paid, the number of installments and amount of each installment based on targets should also be mentioned. The initial pay up from your end should be not more than 10% of the total estimated cost. Also, only the final 10% of the cost should be payable while the project is being completed and handed over.

Lien Waiver

When you use commercial construction contractors, they will have a number of laborers working on your project. Any of them can place a lien claiming nonpayment for the job done. Your contract should clearly state that you are waived of any lien and a legal waiver should be provided for each payment. You should be provided with signed statements from the contractors stating that your payments were used to pay off the laborers and the purchased materials so that you are totally protected from any such issues.

Changes’ Procedure

It is very common to change your mind once the construction is underway. You may have a new idea that is better or more suitable to the existing model, your contractor could face some unforeseen issues that require changes in the plans, etc. whatever the changes may be, it should never happen without your approval. Hence your contract should clearly state the procedure to be followed when a change to the original plan has to be made. Ensure it always goes through you and requires your signature before any deviations happen.

A Contract Is A Must

All these 5 are an essential requirement for any home remodeling contract. This ensures your local home improvement contractors don’t remodel your house to their needs and you are in total control. When you pick that contractor from the HVAC contractor directory, the first thing you must do after verifications is to draw up a contract that will legally bind both the parties.

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