How to choose the best residential contractor?

contractor's references
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Choosing home contractors or residential contractors can be a tough task. Apart from verifying if he has a residential contractor’s license, there are other aspects that need to be considered. The factors to be considered include experience, credibility, fees, background etc., there is a contractor’s directory which will give you a list of local home improvement contractors. There are local contractors’ directory and HVAC contractor directory which have a list of the home contractors. The below section gives a list of tips which will help you choose the best residential contractor.

Assess you need

There are many types of home contractors; they have a different experience, thought process and skill sets. The home improvement contractors improvise on the structure that is already there, they do not alter the existing structure. The home remodeling contractors demolish an existing structure, keep only the key load bearing walls and make necessary alterations. The entire look and feel of the house will be different after the remodeling is done. Based on your need of whether you want to build a home from scratch or improvise or remodel the house, you have to choose your contractor.

Referrals for home contractors

It is best to ask around for referrals, your friends and family may come in handy. They may recommend a contractor only if he has been able to do a good job. Your neighbors may also offer help, you can visit to see for yourself if the results are satisfactory before you approach the contractor.

Referrals for home contractors

Do the relevant background checks

Do background checks to understand the ability to make timely delivery, professional execution, optimizing costs etc.,  Contractors may promise the moon but may not be able to make timely delivery. You may not able to opt out of the situation, hence checking on his previous commitments and whether he has been able to complete it on time is important. Whether the contractor is able to professionally execute the plan is pertinent, many of them fail to follow the plan. They make impulsive changes which may leave a lasting impact on your home. Also, many contractors, leave the project mid-way, this way you will have to wait till the contractor makes time for your project. Input costs have to be competent; the contractors may have tie-ups with suppliers who provide a commission for the contractors. You will have to keep watch to ensure that the materials bought are in line with the requirement and are within your budget. Not keeping track of this aspect, will only inflate the budget substantially.

contractors background checks

Does he have a license?

Remember to check if he has the relevant valid license. Get a copy of his license for reference. Do have a look at the original license to ensure that it is not a fake one.

Does he have insurance?

Hire a residential contractor with insurance or worker’s compensation, this will protect you from legal hassles. Also, if the contractor is injured while on duty, you need not bear the expenses.

Ask for references

Ask the hired contractor for references, call them up and check regarding the credibility of the contractor. You could also visit the place to physically inspect the property.

contractor's references

Compare the fees of multiple residential contractors

If you have got many referrals, then you may have to collate additional data on experience, background checks, fees, license etc., the fees should be critically examined to ensure that it is within your intended budget.

Review contract

Get some help, friends/family or legal advisor to review that contract that you sign up with your home contractor. This is an important document which will be the only reference point, hence, ensure you understand every aspect before you sign on it.


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