Top 4 Free software for home remodeling contractors

software for home remodeling
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Remodeling a home is not easy.  But, there are software’s, to create estimation, help you in construction work. Imagine how long time consuming task they are, and now it’s made hassle free?  And they for free! What more you waiting for, go and grab them from the list we have given below.

The Top 4 free software for home remodeling are:


Topping the list is iScope. It is construction estimation software, that’s for free. It is developed by a company, Claim Software. Claim software is a not-for-profit company.

iScope is software that can be used by home contractors, Home improvement contractors, local contractors and anyone in the construction industry. It helps you do the estimation work, much easier.

Features of this software:

  • It offers some of the best features. This software is user-friendly; with just clicks the task is accomplished. One need not be a technical person, to know to use.
  • They have a template for designs, task lists. The software has built-in standard room measurements, just make slight changes as per your need, and ta-da, your estimate is ready.
  • This software also helps you in importing photos, making your work much easier.

We hope that with the use of this software, the contractors can finish the estimation phase sooner and start the actual work faster.

Easy-Pro builders Estimator

This was not developed by companies or group of technical persons. But, it was developed by a person who got pissed off due to much commercial software complexity and their expenses. . It can even be said as a construction spreadsheet. Sounds interesting, we shall see the features that this software offers.

Features are:

  • This worksheet is for 24 different trades, not just for construction, but for carpentry and roofing too.
  • Speeding up the navigation is done by macro buttons.
  • This worksheet will help you get project reports done.
  • There are formulas for everything. You just enter the details of materials, costs and tax. Your estimation is ready is just minutes.

Now, that is actually a boon to commercial construction contractors, residential contractors, who all need this software to improve their work strategy.

Plan Viewer

Plan viewer is actually a free version of On-Screen Takeoff. This software was developed by On Center Software. This best suited for drawings and a simple take off to projects.

Plan Viewer

You cannot consider this as the sole option as this version doesn’t allow you to save your work. But, if you are considering in investing in such software’s or using the same free types, this provides a sample guide. You can still view your work here, how your design look like, make simple calculations.


  • It Supports PDF Files, CAD, and JPEG files.
  • You can perform linear measurements and take area measurements too.
  • You can highlight the images and add text to it.


This is an open source application. It is a robust application suite for midsize and large civil companies. You can also use it for electric, plumbing, general construction work and others.

This software has 5 core modules which when integrated gives you all the results that you need.

  • Costing master: it is a database of all the items, like, materials, their costs, assemblies and all other costs.
  • Projects: estimates, project managements and schedules can be managed by using tools provided by this module.
  • Utilities: this module includes functionalities which can support utility work like unit conversion, calculating and document management.
  • Administration: you can control your access here, in this module. You can also make system configuration from this one.
  • Reports: you can generate reports from this module and in pdf formats too.

This software is very much customizable to your needs. But, the only problem is that you need to have a certain level of IT/professional knowledge.



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