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Top 4 Free software for home remodeling contractors

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Remodeling a home is not easy.  But, there are software’s, to create estimation, help you in construction work. Imagine how long time consuming task they are, and now it’s made hassle free?  And they for free! What more you waiting for, go and grab them from the list we have given below.

The Top 4 free software for home remodeling are:


Topping the list is iScope. It is construction estimation software, that’s for free. It is developed by a company, Claim Software. Claim software is a not-for-profit company.

iScope is software that can be used by home contractors, Home improvement contractors, local contractors and anyone in the construction industry. It helps you do the estimation work, much easier.

Features of this software:

  • It offers some of the best features. This software is user-friendly; with just clicks the task is accomplished. One need not be a technical person, to know to use.
  • They have a template for designs, task lists. The software has built-in standard room measurements, just make slight changes as per your need, and ta-da, your estimate is ready.
  • This software also helps you in importing photos, making your work much easier.

We hope that with the use of this software, the contractors can finish the estimation phase sooner and start the actual work faster.

Easy-Pro builders Estimator

This was not developed by companies or group of technical persons. But, it was developed by a person who got pissed off due to much commercial software complexity and their expenses. . It can even be said as a construction spreadsheet. Sounds interesting, we shall see the features that this software offers.

Features are:

  • This worksheet is for 24 different trades, not just for construction, but for carpentry and roofing too.
  • Speeding up the navigation is done by macro buttons.
  • This worksheet will help you get project reports done.
  • There are formulas for everything. You just enter the details of materials, costs and tax. Your estimation is ready is just minutes.

Now, that is actually a boon to commercial construction contractors, residential contractors, who all need this software to improve their work strategy.

Plan Viewer

Plan viewer is actually a free version of On-Screen Takeoff. This software was developed by On Center Software. This best suited for drawings and a simple take off to projects.

Plan Viewer

You cannot consider this as the sole option as this version doesn’t allow you to save your work. But, if you are considering in investing in such software’s or using the same free types, this provides a sample guide. You can still view your work here, how your design look like, make simple calculations.


  • It Supports PDF Files, CAD, and JPEG files.
  • You can perform linear measurements and take area measurements too.
  • You can highlight the images and add text to it.


This is an open source application. It is a robust application suite for midsize and large civil companies. You can also use it for electric, plumbing, general construction work and others.

This software has 5 core modules which when integrated gives you all the results that you need.

  • Costing master: it is a database of all the items, like, materials, their costs, assemblies and all other costs.
  • Projects: estimates, project managements and schedules can be managed by using tools provided by this module.
  • Utilities: this module includes functionalities which can support utility work like unit conversion, calculating and document management.
  • Administration: you can control your access here, in this module. You can also make system configuration from this one.
  • Reports: you can generate reports from this module and in pdf formats too.

This software is very much customizable to your needs. But, the only problem is that you need to have a certain level of IT/professional knowledge.



Construction Management Software

How Does Technology Help Building Construction Contractors?

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We see many buildings, Malls, monuments, mansion’s, palaces, and sometimes we look at them with awe!  Not just the designing part, construction is also equally important. Only with good designs, strong buildings will arise. For a building or any concrete structure to be beautiful inside and outside, there are efforts from the building construction contractors, which needs to be appreciated.

From the Past to the present

Starting from the hugely built Great Wall of China to the Burj Al Arab all are construction projects that required skill. But, the level of skill involved is different.  The china wall was built hugely with minimum materials, and a plain design, whereas the Burj Al Arab is a huge building of technology. They are testimonies to the level of technological improvement in the construction industry.

Earlier, there was no machinery used for the work and it was purely manual work. There were many manual labors worked hard to do every minute work from the scratch. But, they produced creative architecture of unimaginable magnitude. With the intervention of technology into the civil work, there is a huge change in the industry. Lots of new machineries and technological advancements are helping mankind to achieve great heights, literally.

Construction Management Software:

Today software’ are designed to make construction projects complete their projects in time, with all necessary details. The software contains every single detail of the project. It helps in increasing the productivity, to monitor the progress of the project.

Construction Management Software


Tools for budgeting, billing, and time management help in finishing the project from the start. This has proven as an invaluable resource to the companies.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design is a boon to the civil companies. This helps the companies in operating works with fewer errors. This CAD has helped the construction companies to start work even before the project design is fully complete. It improves the procurement system and the performance system, which helps in finding errors even before the physical work commences, thus saving time and resources.

CAD can store many schematics of civil, structural and electrical works. There is more work going on in preparing solutions to integrate CAD into software.


Although drones have a slight misuse, when flown over the white house, but when it comes to construction sites, drones are really a blessing. Drones with high-resolution cameras are making the survey processes less cumbersome. They are helping commercial building construction contractors in building bigger projects, gather quality real time data, aerial analysis of the project is done through drones. They help in analyzing problems at the early stage and find solutions to them.

construction sites

In the US, though the usage of drones is not legalized completely, it is restricted in certain areas. And the uses of drones are still under the scanner.

3D Printing

3D printing is no doubt taking the center stage today. Its use in the civil industry is growing gradually. It is helping in reducing the time taken to build complex building forms. It is also used to install mechanical and plumbing components.

Since 3D printing involves less material wastage, high speed, and accurate printing, it is foreseen that the whole picture of homes is expected to be printed using this technology. This will help the residential contractors to do any kind of construction work or even home remodeling to be done with ease and accuracy.

So, technology has improved the contractors’ lives and benefited the construction companies largely. And its impact is seen in the works done. Be it residential contractors or commercial ones, home contractors or local, you can find them implementing technology.

ac contractors

Does listing in HVAC contractor directories help?

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What is HVAC?

HVAC is Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This is the method of implementing the right measures to regulate the internal temperature in the rooms. HVAC also significantly helps improve the indoor air quality. Residential structures, office buildings, hotels and every type of building and every home contractor would look for HVAC solutions to make the ambiance in the building comfortable for the inmates.

HVAC contractors

How do people find HVAC contractors?

Home contractors or the residents themselves would start off with enquiring their friends and neighbors for the popular HVAC contractors and home improvement contractors in the area. The main people use is by searching from the local HVAC contractor directory. This is easier as it gives them a large number of options in one place. They would then narrow down their choices based on their budget, and the reputation of the contractor.

Should you list yourself in the HVAC contractor’s directory?

The HVAC contractor directory is the one place where you could get a maximum reach. So it would be a good idea to get yourself listed in the local contractor’s directory. This, along with the good reviews from satisfied customers can work wonders in helping your business grow.

Why do people look for HVAC contractors?

People look for home improvement contractors mainly on the following occasions:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of the furnace
  • Installation of furnace or air conditioning system
  • Any type of plumbing and repair services
  • Water heater installation and repair
  • AC and room heater installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Air Duct Cleaning and Vent system cleaning

For all of these services, people prefer licensed local home improvement contractors mainly because of the dependability that comes with the licensing.

The significance of having an internet presence:

For any business big or small, having a strong internet presence is one of the major requisites. Now that people buy products and services all through the internet, on their computers or smartphones. So getting yourself listed in the HVAC directories could make it easy for people to find you.

What does getting yourself listed in the local directories do for your business?

  1. Google’s search has been smartly optimized to help people easily find businesses in their locality. So when you get yourself listed with your complete contact information details, then Google is sure to understand your business better and thus make you available in the search results. Also, businesses listed in local directories have been found to receive a larger number of hits.
  2. Rather than searching for a needle in a haystack, people straight away target their searches for required services from the local directories most of the time. This saves them a lot of time and helps them narrow down their options based on various criteria.

How to get yourself listed in the HVAC directories?

There might be a lot of contractors’ directory sites. Do not be tempted to spend a lot of time in getting yourself listed in all the sites.

Check on the following factors about the directory sites when you plan to get your listing live through that site:

  • The amount of traffic the site faces
  • The SEO ranking of the site
  • User reviews of the site and the conversion rates- the number of people who actually choose the businesses listed on that directory
  • What is the expenditure for getting yourself listed on the site? Depending on the size of your business and your budget, choose the right directories that are worth the investment
  • The user interface and the overall user experience offered by the site. Will people who use the site be able to get all the relevant information about your business easily?

After you narrow down your choices after all these considerations, get yourself listed in the most accessed directories to improve your revenue.

Construction Industry

Are Contractors In Construction Industry Paid Well?

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A home is truly a family’s prized possession and the families that build their own home will vouch for the fact that it is nothing less than a labor of love. Once the home is built, more often than not, we forget about the people who worked behind the scenes and help construct the dream. The construction industry is filled with such skilled workers without whom building a home will never be a reality.

Finding the right home contractors:

Building a home, home improvement or home remodeling has different needs and hence they need different people with certain skill sets to undertake and successfully complete the task. It is also possible that when you need to get a task done, the different home improvement contractors or home remodeling contractors will most likely give you different quotes for the exact same job. So it’s important to find the right home contractors according to the needs of the job to be done and your budget.

Types of contractors:

The three main types of contractors based on the contracting services would be:

  1. General Contractors
  2. Specialty contractors
  3. Freelance workers

General contractors:

The general contractor can be described as the head of the project. He organizes and decides the strategy of getting the task completed. He oversees all the different required aspects of the project such as permits, legal requirements etc.

He will decide and schedule the different people to do their jobs such as plumbers, electricians, roofers etc. so that the tasks can be done efficiently and in the least amount of time.

Since the general contractor acts as a supervisor overseeing all the aspects of the job, he is most likely not to do any of the work himself.

General Contractors

Specialty contractors:

These contractors usually take care of specialized services such as plumbing or termite treatment. They have a team and they are licensed and insured. There might a large number of local home improvement contractors in your area and it would be a good idea to search for them in the local contractor’s directory and check their credentials before hiring them.

Specialty contractors

Freelance workers:

Freelance workers are the ones who might have some experience in the field of construction but they might not be able to complete a difficult task themselves due to lack of expertise. It would mostly be necessary to demonstrate and supervise the task assigned to them.

How much money do they make?

  1. General Contractors:

The advantage of hiring a general contractor is that he is your single point of contact for the project. You hire him and then only pay him collectively for all the tasks that need to be done. He will most likely charge you an extra amount of the time and energy he spent on finding the required subcontractor.

Also, general contractors charge you an extra overhead charge since they are the ones managing the schedule, budget and personnel for your project. This overhead charge could increase your cost by approximately 10% to 30%.

  1. Specialty contractors:

Specialty contractors are most definitely not the cheapest. They have their licenses, insurance and credentials in place and they are going to charge you a decent amount of money for the time they spent in doing so.

  1. Freelance workers:

Freelance workers are probably the ones whose labor cost would be the cheapest. The reason being that while they would have an overview of how to get things done, they might not be fully equipped with the knowledge or experience to solve it by themselves.

Are contractors in construction industry paid well?

Since most of the contractors do different kinds of jobs, and they do not have set salaries, their pay would be dependent on the magnitude of the projects they handle. While some may make a huge amount of money on large construction contracts, the others might not be so lucky.

Since the construction industry is a competitive industry due to its contract process, the margins on the various jobs could range from as low as 3 to 4 percent to as high as 15 to 75 percent.

As per a recent survey, the construction industry seems to be enjoying the beginning of a boom and hence an increase in a number of jobs and wages. It is observed that the pay for contractors has increased by an average of about 5%.

The construction industry is not a steady one, with its swinging ups and downs. The downside to this is that while some contractors make huge margins, some others barely get by during a lean cycle.