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Fire Damage and Restoration Explained here

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Fire can devastate not only property but also lives

When a fire occurs in a house especially a house with people living in it, one can be sure that it does not destruct the property alone. The flames that raze down the house to ashes have the ability to impact the lives of the inmates profoundly. It can be a very emotional period for them. A home is where the person returns to after a hard day’s work. A person is very attached to his own abode and the image of his own house in flames in front of his own eyes can be physical, mentally and emotionally draining for him.

The tipping point

When the fire starts, the inmates of the house must immediately evacuate the house without even wasting a minute more. It has been seen that when inmates stay in longer to collect their things it invariably results in fatalities.

Calling the firefighters

The firefighters have to be called in as soon as possible. The fire will be doused by pouring water and extinguishers to control the bigger flames.

Restoration services are a must

Once the fire has been brought under control, the next step is to call in the restoration services. The restoration services are crucial for the life of the property because it is crucial to know where exactly to begin.

What are the factors that need to be taken into consideration while restoration?

  1. Dangerous chemicals/solvent leaks:
    If the fire has occurred in a place where chemicals/solvents are stored, the quality of air inside the premises will be extremely toxic. It will need to be taken care of immediately. .
  1. The structure:
    The structural integrity of the property has to be assessed as soon as the flames are doused. If this is not done in time, any beam or column may give away and cause loss of life later on.
  1. Other safety features:
    Safety features such as checking the pipes that are laid through the walls and other fixtures such as lights, ceiling fans etc are still intact otherwise they may also give away.
  1. Removal of water and humidifying:
    The water and extinguishers used for firefighting will need to be drained out using giant pumps. Collateral damages due to water seepage into the furnishings and carpets may also need to be assessed and restored.
  1. Power stabilization:
    Temporary power stabilization will be needed to be done in order to assess the damages.
  1. Water connections:
    Water and sewage connections will need to be chalked out again by the restoration services and any blockage in it will need to be repaired instantly.
  1. Removal of ravaged debris:
    The debris of burnt beyond recognition things in the house will have to be removed and disposed.
  1. Clearing of soot and smoke:
    Once the fire is doused, it leaves behind dark telltale signs of smoke and soot on the walls and the furniture. This issue must be looked into as soon as possible so that the stains do not become permanent.
  1. Making structural adjustments:
    Restoration services have trained and qualified engineers who will suggest necessary structural changes in the property let the smoke and the odor of the smoke leave the property. For example, tearing down the roof and fixing a new one after a few days will allow the smoke to escape into the atmosphere.

Sanitization of the place is a must:

The restoration agencies will make sure that your property becomes near to new when they hand it over to you after their job is done. If you are not satisfied with their services, most of them have a warranty policy in place for you to approach them directly and get the things done.

Restoration services give you a package:

The biggest advantage is that restoration services give you an entire package and you do not have to coordinate between the various federal agencies. Once you hand over the property to them for restoration, everything becomes their headache!

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How to Recover After A Fire Damage In Your Home?

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Fire will give no time

Fires can spread so steadily that a property can be razed down in a matter of five to ten minutes. Flames can engulf the home so quickly that by the time you can even think what to do and what to salvage, it may become too late to save your life itself.

The case for thorough cleanup after a fire

Fire becomes as dangerous as the things that it ravages. To site an example, if the fire breaks out in a section whether dangerous chemicals and solvents are stored then the quality of air will be highly toxic as the burning of such chemicals can render the atmosphere inside the house very unsafe for humans and pets.

Damages caused to the structure can also be extensive

A fire can render the very structure of the house very unsafe especially if the fire has been allowed to burn long enough to reach the columns and the beams of the house. Additional collateral damages in the form of damaged pipes, ruined electrical and electronic applications can also compound the restoration of the house. Sometimes, the electrical damaged electrical wires and appliances can spark more fires after the initial fire has been brought under control.

What should you do if you are caught in a fire?

  1. The first thing to do is to exit immediately from the property on fire:
    When a fire breaks out at home, the first thing to do is to leave the house immediately and make sure all the inmates including the pets are evacuated. You will not have any time left for picking any of your valuables unless they are in your hands. Trying to collect them can mean that you can be trapped inside.
  1. Contact the firefighters as soon as safely out:
    Once you and the other inmates of the house are safely out, you must dial the firefighters on a war footing. This is important because the earlier the fire is doused, the more stuff you can recover from your property.
  1. Restoration agencies need to be brought in as early as possible:
    Once the fire is put out, you need to call in a professional fire restoration company. The company will first assess the damage caused and give you an estimate for the restoration. The restoration company is fully equipped to bring in various agencies such as insurance and the certifying agents who will assess if the building is safe for habitation after the restoration is over.

How to zero in on the best restoration service?

The best restoration services are those that are in the vicinity so they are easily approachable. Secondly, the restoration company should be able to offer you the complete package so that you need not run from pillar to post to coordinate between the different agencies. The best restoration service is one that is a one stop shop for all your needs.

Recovering from the fire from the place:

Here is a list of the steps that you may need to take to restore your property after the fire. The bulleted list will serve as a checklist for you to score off the things that you have already attempted.

  • Disposal of the entirely burnt items;
  • Removal of water from the property that was used for firefighting;
  • Drying of surface with dehumidifiers once water is all drained out using huge pumps;
  • Removing the soot and smoke from the carpets, furnishings, and stains from the walls
  • Sanitation of surfaces where there is odor of smoke left;
  • Repairing the structure and relaying of carpets if necessary;
  • Reinstalling furniture if old has been razed;

Preventing further fire accidents in the future:

If you have restored your home after a fire, you must take double the precautions to make sure that the accident does not take place again. You have to follow all the federal rules of fire safety to the ‘T’.

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How to deal with extensive fire damage ?

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Extensive fire damage can be hard on the pocket and on you emotionally; not only your property but memories and articles too disappear into smoke.

I want to emphasize the need for immediate action after a major fire. Yes, the fire fighters have done their job and put off the flames but there is so much that you should do to protect your property and goods from further irreplaceable damage.

What happens in extensive fire damage?

In any fire accident, these are the common things that you will encounter:

  • Soot
  • Smoke
  • Water damage

Why should you act fast?

Immediately after a fire the following things happen which necessitate the need for immediate action.

  • Soot: Once the fire is put off, soot settles on every part of the house; there are certain articles that may be permanently damaged while others can be restored and repaired. Soot discolors the property.
  • Furniture is affected: Wood, metal, glass, upholstery, tiles nothing is spared; the fire quenches its thirst very rapidly. Wooden furniture might be fully burnt or will definitely need some refinishing; metal begins to rust and corrode; walls turn yellow, clothes are permanently stained and flooring too will be damaged.
  • Water Damage: During a fire, water pipes and tanks too will be affected; they burst leading to water damage of your goods. Your carpets and floor need to be dried as quickly as possible to prevent mold and mildew formation. Water will also affect the electric sockets in the house.

Why is professional help necessary?

Putting off the fire is the beginning of a tough process of restoration. It is important that you seek professional help because the ash and smoke will not only discolor the property and the goods inside they will lead to irreparable damage to the entire property which will lead to sky rocketing costs of restoration if not addressed instantly.

What will professionals do?

You need specialized detergents and odor fighters to get rid of the smoky odor from the house. A professional company has the manpower and the adequate tools to address fire damage. They will come and assess the damage; they will also help you salvage at least some of your goods and help you in repairing the rest.

Removal of soot

The first thing to do after a fire is put off is to remove soot from your carpets, walls and other items in the house. Professionals use heavy duty vacuums to remove the soot. The chemicals used for soot removal will depend on the paint used and the finish rendered to your walls.


Smoke and ash can settle all over the house from a tiniest crook to a large surface.  Your household deodorizers will be ineffective in extensive fire damage.

Professionals use a special chemical to deodorize your clothing, upholstery and carpets. They might also use ozone treatment to break down the smoke molecules and release the odors.

Thermal fogging for Smoke removal from Walls

Smoke can often permeate through walls and remain trapped there. Hence if the treatment is not thorough you will be accosted with a smoky odor time after time.  Thermal fogging is a method used by professional to neutralize smoke odor.

Time for action

It is not easy for an individual to get rid of soot and smoky odor from the premises along with shattered glass, broken pipes and burnt cabinets.

The professionals are well equipped to deal with these situations and they will save you effort and if action is taken immediately money too in the restoration process.