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augmented reality

Will Augmented Reality Help Construction Contractors?

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What is augmented reality (AR)?

Taking the 2D viewing to the next level comes to the augmented reality. This is the technology that allows you to gather information available on a normal display screen and superimpose it onto the physical realm to make it available in the visual sensory dimension. Figuratively, it is more like bringing your pictures to life. This gives you a whole new perspective to view your designs and help you find several flaws which might be difficult to notice on a normal display monitor. This is one main reason why several building construction contractors are now trying to implement AR systems.

augmented reality (AR)

Components of AR:

To understand how to use AR in construction, the residential contractors, and commercial construction contractors should first understand the basic components of an AR system:

  • Sophisticated AR displays
  • Visual Rendering engine that generates the AR content from the conventional data
  • Management system that handles the transfer of content to the display
  • Location tracking

How AR improves the visualization of the building designs:

3D modeling was a big leap to understand the three-dimensional perspective of any building plan. This has helped a lot of commercial construction contractors and residential construction contractors. But now with the ability to visualize the design, the contractor could project a large-scale version of his model, he could walk through the doors and tweak each part of the model. This would mean that several major flaws can be averted in the designs stages. This could also avoid the unnecessary costs incurred due to design flaws, which, without the availability of AR projections, might be difficult to visualize and identify.

Building information modeling (BIM) can also be implemented with ease:

As more and more building construction contractors have started understanding the significance of BIM, it has already seen a significant fame. Now AR can also enhance the popularity of BIM. BIM took CAD drawings and 2D modeling to the next level. AR will help take BIM to the next level. Better implemented BIM means easier implementation of AR, thus making it a win-win for both.

Improved safety during the actual construction:

A better perspective of the finer details of the model implies several small glitches in the design which might lead to blunders and unexpected safety breaches in the construction sites could be avoided. This is how AR can help make the construction site a much safer place to work. This would make the work a lot easier for the construction contractors. The safety checklist along with the BIM could significantly improve the safety aspects.

Quicker project deliveries due to AR:

AR and BIM collectively could reduce the project completion and thus hasten the delivery times. This can positively affect the construction businesses as well as the customers. As AR is seen to give a better visualization of the building design, it makes raw material and inventory planning more accurate. Design flaws could be averted; this avoids the wastage of resources in terms of the construction materials, the cost and the man hours. This would also significantly improve the time taken by the residential contractor to fully complete and handover the project.

AR for the residential remodeling contractor:

In remodeling and renovations, AR plays an even bigger role. Patching up and retouching an existing model, most often done by some other construction contractor might be more difficult than designing and perfecting a model yourself. So AR would make it easy by allowing you to superimpose your data based on the analysis of the existing structure and allowing you to understand the accuracy and the feasibility of the remodeling design finalized. Thus besides the construction contractors, residential remodeling contractors and commercial building remodeling contractors could also benefit from AR a great deal.


Residential Contractor

What you need to know about residential contractor’s license in USA?

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Residential Contractor Licensing:

The residential construction contractors or home remodeling contractors require a license in order to work on any home related project works which involve construction or remodeling of the house. This is practiced by every state in the United States of America to ensure the higher level of professionalism. This also protects the consumer from paying to the wrong contractor who may not meet the expected standard.  Only home contractors who possess a valid license can directly contact the homeowners for any kind of construction or remodeling work with any skill area. The residential contractor licensing began in 1992 in order to maintain the quality of the building and homes in each state.

Professionals Who need a Residential ContractorsLicense:

  • Any person or real estate owner who would be getting into a contract with the house owner to perform construction services that may require more than one skill area are required to obtain a license from the state where he is intending to do business.
  • The residential real estate owner who plans on reselling the constructed or remodeled house. Residential real estate refers to a newly constructed or restructured existing building which could accommodate one to four families. This might also include garages that may be detached.
  • House owners don’t need any kind of licenses, as they will be paying for the services.

Construction Contractors

Residential & Commercial Contractor Types:

The residential remodeling contractor or home improvement contractor is a person who modifies the existing structure of the building as per the customer’s requirement. To provide these kinds of remodeling services, the contractor has to possess a residential remodeler license. These local home improvement contractors cannot build new homes. A residential building contractor is allowed to provide services rendered by home improvement contractors and they can build new buildings in addition. The commercial construction contractors provide services related to commercial complexes or buildings.

How to hire a licensed building construction contractor?

Contractors Directory:

Any work related to building a new home or remodeling the existing is an expensive investment. We need to hire a constructor who could build based on the requirement and can ensure the excellent quality standard of the services provided. There is a board that regulates the contractors and ensures that the contractor community services are provided according to the standards.  The perfect place to find a licensed construction contractor is a directory of contractors. This directory is created to help the homeowners who hire the verified contractors. By employing a verified contractor from local contractor’s directory the misunderstanding on the requirements can be avoided or can be solved. Each mistake of a contractor could be a costly affair for the builder owner.

Construction Contractors Details:

The local contractor’s directory has the details of all the construction contractors who are licensed, their validity if they have permission to build or remodel in the state if they have adequate knowledge of the services they are claiming to provide if they are properly insured and cleared background checks. All these validations are done regularly on the contractors who register with the directory.

Directory for Special Services:

Similar to the contractor’s directory, there is a directory for the whole range of special services that are rendered related to the building like HVAC contractor directory. This directory takes care of the heating, venting and air conditioning services of the buildings.

Construction Contracting Companies

How to shortlist the best home contractor?

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It would feel like heaven to reach home and lie down on your awesome bed after a hectic day at the office. Home is the best place for relaxation. Though you go out on vacation or out to travel for your job, nothing can be compared to peace and fun you get at home after a tiresome day.

It might be many years since you started living in the same house. It may look aged. Do you feel that you need to do some changes to your home? Planning to remodel your home? Then it is time for you to choose home contractors who could make your home perfect for living.

But, how to choose the best contractor may be your question? Here are few steps to shortlist the best home improvement contractors.

List out the jobs

First and foremost thing to remodel your home is to plan everything properly. You have to decide on what changes have to be done to your existing home. List down everything you decide on. It can be simple as shifting your washbasin or can be big as converting a balcony as a room.

List down the contractors

It is not wrong to collect information on many contractors. Don’t stop with one. Consult with many people around you. Consulting with others would provide you more knowledge on different home remodeling contractors and their quality of the job. Take a paper and note down all the contractors who have worked for people around you. You can also browse through sites to find local home improvement contractors from the contractors’ directory.

Check for reviews

Once you have formed a list of residential construction contractors, check for reviews about them online. Though you have enquired it from your neighbor and friends, reviewing it online would give you a better idea. This would cut down your list of residential contractor.

Know about their service

Now, to further shorten the list, you have to know about their services from their customers. You have to make sure that they did not leave any pending work to their customers and confirm that there is no complaint on them. If you get the contact numbers of their customers, don’t hesitate to enquire them directly.

Make a note of questions

Your list of building construction contractors might have come down after checking about the complaints and service about them. Now, list the questions that have to be asked to the contractors. Do not forget to ask whether they have residential contractors license with them.

Call and Inquire about the bid

Now, you may have only a few in your list. Call them and ask about your list of questions. This may further reduce the list of the residential remodeling contractor if they say that they cannot satisfy your needs. If they accept your proposal, enquire them about the charge.

Compare the bids

Your list should have reduced to three or four now. Compare the bids and choose the best one for your home. Watch out for any hidden fees and confirm with them.

Enjoy remodeling your home!!!!

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How To Prevent Exorbitant Charging By Home Improvement Contractors?

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Planning to remodel your home?

Remodeling a home or giving new look to your home is a bit interesting, isn’t it? Adding a new room to your house or trying to extend the kid’s room to make space for them to play or to create some space to start your garden is really exciting to hear.

Feeling Overcharged at the end?

Assume that you have decided on the execution and call the local home improvement contractors to continue with your plan. Once everything is remodeled and set in the position you will be shocked to look at the bill produced by the building construction contractors. You expect the work would cost you less than $15,000 but the actual amount may be $30,000. Once everything is completed you cannot claim that they overcharged you. It is better to be careful before the execution.

Here are few tips to prevent exorbitant charging by the contractors:

Avoid inexperienced contractors

Do not just look at the local contractor’s directory and choose the attractive one. You may think that newbie home contractors may charge you less. But, this is not the real case. As they are new to the industry, they may not be able to provide you the required quality of work. It may end up in rework. The home improvement contractors will charge you again for the materials required and others. At the end, you will come to know that you are overcharged.

prevent exorbitant charging by the contractors

 Compare more bids

Don’t start up the work just by enquiring only one residential contractor. You may not know the actual market price so you will automatically accept the price specified by them. Consult with your friends and neighbors, check on various websites. Call and enquire at least three to four home remodeling contractors about how they charge. Compare the price and choose the one that is affordable to you.

 Select the best contractor

Do some research and analyze about the contractor construction company to know whether they are overpriced for the quality they deliver. They may charge you more than the regular contractors may, but it is not necessary that they over charge you. If they charge more than the other contractors, do not forget to ask them for the reason. They may do some additional work compared to others.

Try Negotiating

Once you have compared and chosen the residential remodeling contractor, call him or meet him in person. Do not accept the price immediately. Try to negotiate at least 10 to 20% of the said amount. Generally, most of the contractors specify higher price thinking that their customers do not have much knowledge on the job. Try to show your knowledge on the topic so that they believe that your negotiation is valid and they will reduce the amount.

residential construction contractors

Plan Properly

Before you call residential construction contractors and fix an appointment with them, make sure you plan about the construction properly. Make everything clear with the contractors. It is better to have it in written and it is better to specify all the alterations initially. The contractors may get irritated and charge you more for any intermediate plan changes.

Prevent exorbitant charging with the above tips!!!!

contractor's references

How to choose the best residential contractor?

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Choosing home contractors or residential contractors can be a tough task. Apart from verifying if he has a residential contractor’s license, there are other aspects that need to be considered. The factors to be considered include experience, credibility, fees, background etc., there is a contractor’s directory which will give you a list of local home improvement contractors. There are local contractors’ directory and HVAC contractor directory which have a list of the home contractors. The below section gives a list of tips which will help you choose the best residential contractor.

Assess you need

There are many types of home contractors; they have a different experience, thought process and skill sets. The home improvement contractors improvise on the structure that is already there, they do not alter the existing structure. The home remodeling contractors demolish an existing structure, keep only the key load bearing walls and make necessary alterations. The entire look and feel of the house will be different after the remodeling is done. Based on your need of whether you want to build a home from scratch or improvise or remodel the house, you have to choose your contractor.

Referrals for home contractors

It is best to ask around for referrals, your friends and family may come in handy. They may recommend a contractor only if he has been able to do a good job. Your neighbors may also offer help, you can visit to see for yourself if the results are satisfactory before you approach the contractor.

Referrals for home contractors

Do the relevant background checks

Do background checks to understand the ability to make timely delivery, professional execution, optimizing costs etc.,  Contractors may promise the moon but may not be able to make timely delivery. You may not able to opt out of the situation, hence checking on his previous commitments and whether he has been able to complete it on time is important. Whether the contractor is able to professionally execute the plan is pertinent, many of them fail to follow the plan. They make impulsive changes which may leave a lasting impact on your home. Also, many contractors, leave the project mid-way, this way you will have to wait till the contractor makes time for your project. Input costs have to be competent; the contractors may have tie-ups with suppliers who provide a commission for the contractors. You will have to keep watch to ensure that the materials bought are in line with the requirement and are within your budget. Not keeping track of this aspect, will only inflate the budget substantially.

contractors background checks

Does he have a license?

Remember to check if he has the relevant valid license. Get a copy of his license for reference. Do have a look at the original license to ensure that it is not a fake one.

Does he have insurance?

Hire a residential contractor with insurance or worker’s compensation, this will protect you from legal hassles. Also, if the contractor is injured while on duty, you need not bear the expenses.

Ask for references

Ask the hired contractor for references, call them up and check regarding the credibility of the contractor. You could also visit the place to physically inspect the property.

contractor's references

Compare the fees of multiple residential contractors

If you have got many referrals, then you may have to collate additional data on experience, background checks, fees, license etc., the fees should be critically examined to ensure that it is within your intended budget.

Review contract

Get some help, friends/family or legal advisor to review that contract that you sign up with your home contractor. This is an important document which will be the only reference point, hence, ensure you understand every aspect before you sign on it.


contractor tools

5 Things Every Residential Remodeling Contract Should Have

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Remodeling your house? You must have gone through the local contractor’s directory to find the best building construction contractors to help you remodel your old house. When you are remodeling, you main criteria would be a better design, which can be executed easily at a pocket-friendly budget, so that it doesn’t, after all, feel like building a new house all over again.

Select Wisely

When you go through the contractor’s directory looking for the perfect home remodeling contractors, you must ensure they have a valid residential contractors license. Without this license, you cannot get your house plans approved legally, thus posing a bigger problem in the future. Working around your house and remodeling yourself is one thing, but getting a professional residential contractor to do the job is whole other thing.

Home Contractors

When residential remodeling contractors or residential construction contractors are involved, you need to execute a legal residential remodeling contract. It is always advisable to have a legal attorney execute the written contract, as having the expectations and promises in writing offer better clarity. Here are a few must haves in your contract:

Project Description

A detailed description of what the project exactly is should be written down. It should include all details such as the size of construction, materials or products to be used along with the charges, estimated time and the cost of the project. If the charges are not certain due to changing products or labor charges, a rough estimate should be provided. This enables you to know the approximate budget and plan accordingly. Always ensure there is a delivery date or time frame mentioned so that you are left waiting for the project to be completed.

Role Of The Home Contractors

The role of the contractor should also be mentioned clearly. Their job does not stop with just the construction, they need to get the required permissions, certificates, remove debris and hand over the completed project to you.

Payment Details

Details regarding how often the home improvement contractors will be paid, the number of installments and amount of each installment based on targets should also be mentioned. The initial pay up from your end should be not more than 10% of the total estimated cost. Also, only the final 10% of the cost should be payable while the project is being completed and handed over.

Lien Waiver

When you use commercial construction contractors, they will have a number of laborers working on your project. Any of them can place a lien claiming nonpayment for the job done. Your contract should clearly state that you are waived of any lien and a legal waiver should be provided for each payment. You should be provided with signed statements from the contractors stating that your payments were used to pay off the laborers and the purchased materials so that you are totally protected from any such issues.

Changes’ Procedure

It is very common to change your mind once the construction is underway. You may have a new idea that is better or more suitable to the existing model, your contractor could face some unforeseen issues that require changes in the plans, etc. whatever the changes may be, it should never happen without your approval. Hence your contract should clearly state the procedure to be followed when a change to the original plan has to be made. Ensure it always goes through you and requires your signature before any deviations happen.

A Contract Is A Must

All these 5 are an essential requirement for any home remodeling contract. This ensures your local home improvement contractors don’t remodel your house to their needs and you are in total control. When you pick that contractor from the HVAC contractor directory, the first thing you must do after verifications is to draw up a contract that will legally bind both the parties.