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growth of molds

5 Unlikely Places To Find Molds

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Every home in the world gets exposed to mold infestations from time to time. The most important thing to realize here is that it is extremely important to stop the growth of this fungus before they get big and damage you as well as your beautiful home. For the presence of molds in your home can be very dangerous for your health, ensure to get rid of it for better and sound health standards.

How can one detect mold

Molds are a type of fungus that develops from tiny spores that float in the air and can be found in any area of the house. It has the capacity to grow anywhere, especially in areas that have high moisture level and a comfortable temperature ranging between 40 and 100 degrees F. This means that they can be found in almost every damp place in the house.

The most visible type of mold- mildew can be spotted quickly. It begins as mall, usually black spots but generally grows into bigger and darker colonies. It might be challenging for you to differentiate between a mildewed surface and a dirty floor. Put some drops of household bleach on the blackened area to find out if its mildew or not. If the area lightens in a few minutes, it is mildew and in case it remains the same, that’s perhaps dirt.

mold removal expert

Where do molds generally grow?

As mentioned, molds generally grow in those areas of the house which are damp and do not receive sufficient ventilation and sunlight. The top 5 areas that are prone to mold development include:

  • Wet Clothes
  • Bathrooms
  • Backside of dry wall
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Kitchen cabinets

If you find out that toxigenic molds are growing in such areas in your home and you need great effective treatments, you are also free to contact a mold removal expert immediately. These molds not only harm and irritate different allergy sufferers, but also result in hypersensitivity pneumonitis, blindness, irreversible brain damage, and pushing the growth of cancer in human body.

What aids in the growth of molds?

The most important thing that molds need to trigger their growth is water. As this fungus decomposes dead organic material like cellulose, hemi-cellulose and lignin, it has the ability to develop on wood and paper. The digestive fluids secreted by molds decompose the substrate, thus making the nutrients available for them. Additionally, this fungus is also capable to digest some synthetic supplies such as adhesives, pastes as well as paints. Molds can also grow on the organic dirt/dust layer present on the surfaces of concrete, plastic, glass and metal. When the comparative humidity is generally above 60%, some molds get moisture from the air itself as it is very damp in that temperature. This high level of humidity creates good moisture to make the exteriors damp enough for the growth of mold.

Tricks to eliminate mold growth in the home:

For effective household mold remediation, you need to keep your home dry. The mold cannot grow in the absence of water, this is why it gets important for you to not allow moisture settle in your house. As mold spores are present everywhere, you cannot wholly keep them out of your home. Food for mold is available in our house as it is made of wood products and paper faced drywall. Not only this, mold can also survive on dust, cockroach and dust mite feces, skin flakes as well as food particles.

For a healthy living and beautiful home, ensure to keep these points in mind and get in action as soon as you detect the presence of mold anywhere around you.

Mold remediation

5 Health Risks Of Mold

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Continued use of the cooling and heating systems at home could clog the air ducts with mold and debris. The air that you breathe in is circulated throughout the house via these air ducts and if they are not as clean as they should be, they end up polluting the air even more. What could you do to ensure that the air you breathe in is clean and safe to inhale? Regular air duct cleaning mold remediation can help maintain the optimal quality of the air that you breathe. If you are unaware of how mold could affect your health, read this article to know more about the dangers you might be unconsciously exposing your family too.

Unexplained Rash

If you or one of your family members has been breaking into unexplained rashes frequently, then it is time to consider home mold removal. If there are areas in your house that retain moisture, they could very well be a breeding ground for mold buildup. If someone is allergic to mold, he or she could have frequent episodes of skin rash. These look like patches of raised, red bumps that are often itchy and look like hives.

allergic to mold

Itchy or irritated eyes

Have you been experiencing red, itchy and irritated eyes for a while now? If you don’t seem to remember the last time you got a household mold remediation, it is time to get it done right away. Exposure to mold spores could lead to chronic eye allergies and you could end up with itchy eyes that get better only with anti-allergy medication. This is reason enough to get a home mold removal done as soon as possible.

Upper Respiratory Tract Allergies

Exposure to mold spores could not only mean eye allergies but also frequent bouts of upper respiratory tract allergies. You can differentiate between a regular cold and an allergic cough by the number of days it lasts and the frequency. An allergic cough will persist for days and will have a wheezing sound. Mold remediation is your best solution for such circumstances.

Unexplained fatigue

If you have been eating well and seem to have no pre-existing health problems, there is no reason why you feel fatigued all the time. This is when you should take a look at the areas of the house that could be harboring mold. When mold spores enter your respiratory system, your lungs end up working more than it generally needs to and the lack of fresh, breathable air makes you feel tired, achy and fatigued.

Compromised Immunity

Regular exposure to mold is bound to compromise your immune system because it does not let your body function optimally. You are likely to suffer from frequent allergies and that in turn impacts your productivity in several ways.

For all these reasons and more, household mold removal is an absolute necessity by a professional mold removal service provider. Keeping a check of areas that are prone to moisture-buildup, especially during damp and humid weather conditions can help prevent the buildup in the first place. If you do notice mold build up despite checking often, hire professionals for mold remediation right away.

floor cleaning tips

Green Cleaning Tips For Your Floors

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Going green is the best thing we can do for our planet, finding greener alternatives to harmful cleaners which are full of chemicals is a step that most of us can begin at home. We all use floor cleaners to clean our floors. Eco-friendly options can be easily substituted in place of your regular petroleum based cleaners and you’ll be surprised with the results. These environmental friendly cleaners are equally effective and leave a pleasant fragrance which lasts much longer than the smell of chemical cleaning agents.

There are many costs effective, natural and easy to use alternatives which can be combined to make excellent floor cleaners depending on the type of floor you have.

Clean with Baking Soda

The minerals present in this light alkaline powder are immensely effective in neutralizing acids and dissolving proteins which increase the cleaning power of regular detergents. They help to balance the pH of the water and are excellent cleaning agents.

polish floors

Liquid soap

Soap in any form works very well to break down grease and dirt that gets deposited on various surfaces. Selecting a soap option with natural oils in combination with an alkali is the most effective one.

White vinegar

Vinegar is an all -time favorite and excellent all -purpose cleaning agent which cuts through grease more smoothly than you could ever imagine. It not only disinfects its deodorizes effectively too.


An effective water softener, borax is also very effective in cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, and removing stains. The only thing one needs to take off is keeping this substance out of the reach of children as it is toxic when ingested.

Vegetable oil

The most popular oil used for cleaning is organic olive oil. This is a mild yellow oil which is truly a wonderful polisher when used in the form of a spray. When added with lemon or essential oils it leaves behind a pleasant fragrance

Essential scented oils

Essential oils like lavender, primrose, lemon grass, peppermint and much more have absolutely natural cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting properties. When used in combination with other eco-friendly and green cleaners, these oils transform your entire home into a fragrant haven.

A right combination of these green products can effectively clean and polish floors. Before cleaning floors with any water based or liquid solution you should first clean the floor to remove dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner. Then proceed to use these floor cleaners for optimum results.

Clean Wooden Floors

Mix vegetable oil and white vinegar in a ratio of 1:1 and apply a thin coat of this solution onto your floor and rub it well to get a smooth and shiny polished floor.

Vinyl and linoleum floors Cleaning

Take half a bucket of warm water and mix in a cup of vinegar, ¼ cup baking soda and a few drops of any essential oil with a lingering fragrance. Mop the entire floor with this solution and leave to dry.

If there are some tough stains add ¼ the cup of borax for more effective cleaning.

Clean Tile and brick floors

Mix 1 cup of vinegar is half a bucket of water to which a little liquid detergent has been added.  Essential oils may be added for deodorizing and pleasant fragrance.  Wipe the floors clean with this solution and leave to dry.

These eco-friendly floor cleaning tips are really effective and are inexpensive too.

hiring air duct cleaning services

Air Duct Cleaning Tips For Beginners

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The air ducts in your heating and cooling systems play a significant role in maintaining the hygiene and environment of your house. They circulate the air throughout the household and often end up getting clogged with mold and dust. The best way to keep the air in your house healthy and breathable is regular air duct cleaning. The safest way to get that done is to hire air duct cleaning companies that appoint professional air duct cleaners for the best results. In order to understand whether your air ducts need cleaning, there are five basic steps to follow.

Mold Assessment

If there is an area with inadequate ventilation, it will promote moisture buildup and mold, eventually. Mold development in your air ducts can mean an unhealthy environment inside the house because the air that is circulated via these ducts will be loaded with mold spores. Before hiring air duct cleaning services, you can assess the presence of mold by checking the hard surfaces of the air ducts. However, this is only a far-fetched assessment and the only certain way to assess the presence of mold is by conducting a laboratory analysis. This is best done by professional duct cleaning services.

keep the air in your house healthy

Clogs and Debris

Your ducts could be clogged with debris from insects and rodents. This could be moderate to extreme, depending upon the area where you reside. If the clogging is too severe for you to handle, it is a wise idea to call home air duct cleaning services. They will use air duct and vent cleaners to ensure that mold and mildew particles do not pollute the air that you breathe.

A Cleaning Estimate

While hiring air vent cleaning services, always ensure that you have a rough idea of the charges. Since the process is bound to be extensive, professional air duct cleaning companies inform their clients about the cleaning charges on phone/mail so that you are prepared beforehand. However, during vent cleaning, if they find the presence of mold, they might suggest lab examinations that could add to the cost.

Choosing the right service provider

When you are absolutely sure about hiring professional vent cleaners, you must be aware of the factors that help pick the right service provider. Getting references or testimonials is the first step in this process. You can also take a look at Better Business Bureau to rule out complaints by previous clients about a company. Before appointing vent cleaners, get an estimate of the process and a contract for the services and the price involved. If the service provides any guarantees, please get that documented as well.

EPA Recommendation

The final step is to understand EPA recommendations and rule out the environmental factors that are contributing to the formation of mold in your air ducts. If you find a confirmation, it is recommended that you take steps to fix the environmental issues that are involved so that the frequent formation of mold can be avoided altogether.

For optimal heating and cooling of your home, regular air duct cleaning is a must.


vent cleaners to remove the stubborn grease

5 Tips to Maintain an Air Vent

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One of the most important tools in the home is the air vent because they are responsible for moving air throughout your home. Because circulation of air happens through these vents, they are often filled with dirt and are contaminated with mold or rodents. This causes the many health issues in people who live in the house especially allergy problems. That is why environment protection agencies are particular about discussing the purpose of home air duct cleaning and benefits due to cleaning. Though the recommendations are not given directly, one would learn the importance of maintaining a clean air vent to stay healthy.

Here are some tips you can follow at home for maintenance of air vent to make sure you go in the right direction in the air vent cleaning process. Of course, you can always take the help of air duct cleaning services to properly maintain the ducts but if budget is a problem for hiring duct cleaning services, then the following tips will help you to maintain a good air vent.

The Problem of Mold

Mould is a common problem and it develops in all the places where moisture accumulates due to improper ventilation. Molds can create a lot of health problems when it develops in the air vents. This is because the air that is circulated inside our home has to travel through these vents and if the spores of the mold are released in the air, they enter our respiratory system and cause health problems. The common places of the development of mold are the hard parts of the vents or on the heating and cooling systems.

Though molds can be seen visibly in some areas of the vents, it can be confirmed after analyzing the samples from the vents in a laboratory. Without a confirmed test, one cannot ascertain the mold occurrence.

Remedial measure when molds affect the air ducts is to remove the damaged parts such as affected insulation and then replace it with new ones.

Checking for Clogs and Debris

Clogs and Debris affect the air ducts and it is a common issue. Sometimes, droppings of rodents and insects also affect the vents. If this becomes extreme and the vent is not maintained often, then the dirt and particles will be released into the air through the air ducts. Hence, it is important to protect the home from the dangers of these decaying particles through proper maintenance and air vent cleaning.

Checking for Clogs and Debris in ducts

Tips to Maintain Air Vent

With a few basic tools, one can easily do vent cleaning and maintain the air vents without the help of a vent cleaning service.

Assemble Essential Tools

The first thing to do is to assemble the tools.

  • A screwdriver
  • A vacuum with filter
  • Soft Brush or similar attachment in the vacuum
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cleaner
  • Grease Remover

Remove the Grates

The grates are first removed and soaked in hot water by adding a little soap to the water. As soon as the grease loosens, it can be scrubbed and cleaned. While the grates are soaked, you can proceed with the air duct cleaning.

Remove Debris

Debris that is larger in size can easily be removed by hand. When they are removed by hand, be careful to take them slowly as there are chances that you push them further into the vent.

The smaller debris, Dirt and Dust can be removed with the help of vacuum cleaner (with a soft brush attachment).

air duct cleaning companies that would do the work

Use a Damp clean cloth to clean the Air Duct

The vacuum cleaner sucks almost all the debris and dust. The remaining dust can be wiped with the help of a wet cloth.

Clean the Grates and Covers

By this time, the vent cover and grates would have got soaked well. You can either use an ordinary soap or homemade vent cleaners to remove the stubborn grease in the covers and brush them off before washing with warm water. Dry them with a clean cloth, they can be attached to their original place.


Not sure or confident about cleaning the air vent? Then, it is better to call air duct cleaning companies that would do the work for you. But be sure to maintain the vent to avoid major expenses in the future.

carpet steam cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Scams – What Are They And How To Avoid Them?

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Anyone who owns a carpet struggles to keep it clean at all times. Not everyone is ok with keeping them dirty and letting them stay that way for long. When people are not able to clean it themselves, they go in for professional carpet cleaning services, as there are a number of carpet cleaners available in the market today.

Be it an office or a house, one can get hold of some of the best carpet cleaning companies in the market, and ensure their carpets are well maintained at all times. Many home carpet cleaners offer a variety of carpet cleaning services that include carpet stain removal, carpet steam cleaning, etc.

When such are the services offered, one can get tempted to try them all. However, one has to be careful and protect themselves from the number of scams that happens in this industry.  Here is a list of such scams one has to watch out for while hiring professional carpet cleaners.

best carpet cleaning companies in the market

Lowest price Scams

There are sales people who will knock at your door, offering professional carpet cleaning services at a throwaway price. They will give you fliers and comparison charts that show how low their rates are when compared to the others in the market. This is a marketing gimmick to get you to sign up for the services.

Once the sale is done, the person gets paid for the number of contracts they land and you are approached by a professional few days later. This professional will inspect your home, the carpets and give you a quote that will be much higher than what the sales rep gave you. The reason stated will be, your carpets are too dirty or old or made of a tricky material that will require a lot more effort and different equipment.

Perfect Method Scams

Companies will claim to use the best method and the latest technology in cleaning the carpets and charge high. They may even claim to use “green” products, but in reality, would be using the regular carpet cleaning chemicals mixed with a little of the green products. As a result, you will be paying more for the same service offered by any other carpet cleaner.

hiring professional carpet cleaners

Temporary Cleaning Scam

Cleaning companies will promise to get rid of the toughest stains in no time and get you to sign the contract. After all, you have tried everything under the sun and that stain just won’t come off. Rather than throwing away the carpet, you would be ready to invest in a cleaning service.

The problem here is they might perform just a surface level cleaning, which will leave the carpet looking stain-free and fresh at first glance. But the stains will return in few days, the reason being, it was never completely cleaned.

Protect Yourself

So, how does one protect oneself from such scams?

Never believe everything told to you. do your own research about the company and the methods they claim are the best, to know if their claims hold any water. Always check the carpet thoroughly by combing the threads backward to see if the stain has really been removed, and only then pay up.

home air duct cleaning done

Cleaning The Air Ducts At Home Efficiently

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While there has been no concrete evidence to show that clean air ducts can reduce health problems, it does have some other benefits.

Many people feel that the air that they breathe feels cleaner after getting the home air duct cleaning done. Some people have noticed that the heating system and cooling systems functioned better since the air quality improved. It has been especially helpful for those who suffer from allergies.

There are a number of air duct cleaning companies who provide this service. The cost of the service would depend on the size of the system, its accessibility, the level of contamination etc.

If you choose not to hire their services or cannot afford them, you can do this process yourself. While your reach may be limited compared to one of the air duct cleaning services, you might be able to eliminate a significant quantity of dust.

one of the air duct cleaning services

You will need the following items to clean the air ducts

  • Vacuum cleaner:
    While a household vacuum cleaner would work, it will not give the same results as a heavy-duty vacuum. It is preferable to use a heavy-duty vacuum for the duct cleaning process.
  • Screwdriver:
    The covers of the air duct are held in place by using screws or fasteners. In order to remove the cover, you will need the appropriate screwdriver to unfasten the screws.
  • Cleaning brush:
    It is best to use something like a stiff bristle paintbrush. A toilet brush would also suffice for the purpose.
  • Broom:
    A broom will be used to gather and sweep all the dust present after you finish cleaning the ducts.
  • Paper towels:
    Paper towels will be very handy if you want to minimize the work of sweeping all the dust once you are done cleaning the ducts. They can also be used to cover some of the ducts while you are cleaning the others.

Cleaning the air ducts

Cleaning the air ducts

  • Before you begin that the power connected to the heating as well as air conditioning system is turned off.
  • Use the appropriate screwdriver to unscrew the covers of the air ducts.
  • With the help of the brush, clean the grates thoroughly and remove all the dust. Sometimes you might not be able to clean the grates well due to the accumulated dust and grime. If you feel that a brush is not helpful to get rid of the grime, you can clean them using soap and water.
  • The next step would be to vacuum the ducts as much as you can. This is the reason a heavy-duty vacuum would work better than a standard household vacuum.
  • The standard vacuum might not be able to clean deep into the ducts. They are less powerful and might not have a long hose.
  • Ensure that the hose is long so that it can clean the mold and mildew that may be present inside the ducts. You can hire one of the well-known duct cleaning services to make sure the ducts are cleaned well.
  • All the dust must be gathered and swept with the help of a broom. If the duct has not been cleaned for a long time, there might be a lot of dust and debris inside. You could also consider wearing a dust mask to protect yourself from the dust.

Whether you do it yourself or choose a professional resource, the air duct cleaning must be done well. Using the services of a professional is advisable, as they would have all the technical expertise and equipment to do a good job.

Restoration services

Fire Damage and Restoration Explained here

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Fire can devastate not only property but also lives

When a fire occurs in a house especially a house with people living in it, one can be sure that it does not destruct the property alone. The flames that raze down the house to ashes have the ability to impact the lives of the inmates profoundly. It can be a very emotional period for them. A home is where the person returns to after a hard day’s work. A person is very attached to his own abode and the image of his own house in flames in front of his own eyes can be physical, mentally and emotionally draining for him.

The tipping point

When the fire starts, the inmates of the house must immediately evacuate the house without even wasting a minute more. It has been seen that when inmates stay in longer to collect their things it invariably results in fatalities.

Calling the firefighters

The firefighters have to be called in as soon as possible. The fire will be doused by pouring water and extinguishers to control the bigger flames.

Restoration services are a must

Once the fire has been brought under control, the next step is to call in the restoration services. The restoration services are crucial for the life of the property because it is crucial to know where exactly to begin.

What are the factors that need to be taken into consideration while restoration?

  1. Dangerous chemicals/solvent leaks:
    If the fire has occurred in a place where chemicals/solvents are stored, the quality of air inside the premises will be extremely toxic. It will need to be taken care of immediately. .
  1. The structure:
    The structural integrity of the property has to be assessed as soon as the flames are doused. If this is not done in time, any beam or column may give away and cause loss of life later on.
  1. Other safety features:
    Safety features such as checking the pipes that are laid through the walls and other fixtures such as lights, ceiling fans etc are still intact otherwise they may also give away.
  1. Removal of water and humidifying:
    The water and extinguishers used for firefighting will need to be drained out using giant pumps. Collateral damages due to water seepage into the furnishings and carpets may also need to be assessed and restored.
  1. Power stabilization:
    Temporary power stabilization will be needed to be done in order to assess the damages.
  1. Water connections:
    Water and sewage connections will need to be chalked out again by the restoration services and any blockage in it will need to be repaired instantly.
  1. Removal of ravaged debris:
    The debris of burnt beyond recognition things in the house will have to be removed and disposed.
  1. Clearing of soot and smoke:
    Once the fire is doused, it leaves behind dark telltale signs of smoke and soot on the walls and the furniture. This issue must be looked into as soon as possible so that the stains do not become permanent.
  1. Making structural adjustments:
    Restoration services have trained and qualified engineers who will suggest necessary structural changes in the property let the smoke and the odor of the smoke leave the property. For example, tearing down the roof and fixing a new one after a few days will allow the smoke to escape into the atmosphere.

Sanitization of the place is a must:

The restoration agencies will make sure that your property becomes near to new when they hand it over to you after their job is done. If you are not satisfied with their services, most of them have a warranty policy in place for you to approach them directly and get the things done.

Restoration services give you a package:

The biggest advantage is that restoration services give you an entire package and you do not have to coordinate between the various federal agencies. Once you hand over the property to them for restoration, everything becomes their headache!

house on fire

How to Recover After A Fire Damage In Your Home?

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Fire will give no time

Fires can spread so steadily that a property can be razed down in a matter of five to ten minutes. Flames can engulf the home so quickly that by the time you can even think what to do and what to salvage, it may become too late to save your life itself.

The case for thorough cleanup after a fire

Fire becomes as dangerous as the things that it ravages. To site an example, if the fire breaks out in a section whether dangerous chemicals and solvents are stored then the quality of air will be highly toxic as the burning of such chemicals can render the atmosphere inside the house very unsafe for humans and pets.

Damages caused to the structure can also be extensive

A fire can render the very structure of the house very unsafe especially if the fire has been allowed to burn long enough to reach the columns and the beams of the house. Additional collateral damages in the form of damaged pipes, ruined electrical and electronic applications can also compound the restoration of the house. Sometimes, the electrical damaged electrical wires and appliances can spark more fires after the initial fire has been brought under control.

What should you do if you are caught in a fire?

  1. The first thing to do is to exit immediately from the property on fire:
    When a fire breaks out at home, the first thing to do is to leave the house immediately and make sure all the inmates including the pets are evacuated. You will not have any time left for picking any of your valuables unless they are in your hands. Trying to collect them can mean that you can be trapped inside.
  1. Contact the firefighters as soon as safely out:
    Once you and the other inmates of the house are safely out, you must dial the firefighters on a war footing. This is important because the earlier the fire is doused, the more stuff you can recover from your property.
  1. Restoration agencies need to be brought in as early as possible:
    Once the fire is put out, you need to call in a professional fire restoration company. The company will first assess the damage caused and give you an estimate for the restoration. The restoration company is fully equipped to bring in various agencies such as insurance and the certifying agents who will assess if the building is safe for habitation after the restoration is over.

How to zero in on the best restoration service?

The best restoration services are those that are in the vicinity so they are easily approachable. Secondly, the restoration company should be able to offer you the complete package so that you need not run from pillar to post to coordinate between the different agencies. The best restoration service is one that is a one stop shop for all your needs.

Recovering from the fire from the place:

Here is a list of the steps that you may need to take to restore your property after the fire. The bulleted list will serve as a checklist for you to score off the things that you have already attempted.

  • Disposal of the entirely burnt items;
  • Removal of water from the property that was used for firefighting;
  • Drying of surface with dehumidifiers once water is all drained out using huge pumps;
  • Removing the soot and smoke from the carpets, furnishings, and stains from the walls
  • Sanitation of surfaces where there is odor of smoke left;
  • Repairing the structure and relaying of carpets if necessary;
  • Reinstalling furniture if old has been razed;

Preventing further fire accidents in the future:

If you have restored your home after a fire, you must take double the precautions to make sure that the accident does not take place again. You have to follow all the federal rules of fire safety to the ‘T’.

augmented reality

Will Augmented Reality Help Construction Contractors?

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What is augmented reality (AR)?

Taking the 2D viewing to the next level comes to the augmented reality. This is the technology that allows you to gather information available on a normal display screen and superimpose it onto the physical realm to make it available in the visual sensory dimension. Figuratively, it is more like bringing your pictures to life. This gives you a whole new perspective to view your designs and help you find several flaws which might be difficult to notice on a normal display monitor. This is one main reason why several building construction contractors are now trying to implement AR systems.

augmented reality (AR)

Components of AR:

To understand how to use AR in construction, the residential contractors, and commercial construction contractors should first understand the basic components of an AR system:

  • Sophisticated AR displays
  • Visual Rendering engine that generates the AR content from the conventional data
  • Management system that handles the transfer of content to the display
  • Location tracking

How AR improves the visualization of the building designs:

3D modeling was a big leap to understand the three-dimensional perspective of any building plan. This has helped a lot of commercial construction contractors and residential construction contractors. But now with the ability to visualize the design, the contractor could project a large-scale version of his model, he could walk through the doors and tweak each part of the model. This would mean that several major flaws can be averted in the designs stages. This could also avoid the unnecessary costs incurred due to design flaws, which, without the availability of AR projections, might be difficult to visualize and identify.

Building information modeling (BIM) can also be implemented with ease:

As more and more building construction contractors have started understanding the significance of BIM, it has already seen a significant fame. Now AR can also enhance the popularity of BIM. BIM took CAD drawings and 2D modeling to the next level. AR will help take BIM to the next level. Better implemented BIM means easier implementation of AR, thus making it a win-win for both.

Improved safety during the actual construction:

A better perspective of the finer details of the model implies several small glitches in the design which might lead to blunders and unexpected safety breaches in the construction sites could be avoided. This is how AR can help make the construction site a much safer place to work. This would make the work a lot easier for the construction contractors. The safety checklist along with the BIM could significantly improve the safety aspects.

Quicker project deliveries due to AR:

AR and BIM collectively could reduce the project completion and thus hasten the delivery times. This can positively affect the construction businesses as well as the customers. As AR is seen to give a better visualization of the building design, it makes raw material and inventory planning more accurate. Design flaws could be averted; this avoids the wastage of resources in terms of the construction materials, the cost and the man hours. This would also significantly improve the time taken by the residential contractor to fully complete and handover the project.

AR for the residential remodeling contractor:

In remodeling and renovations, AR plays an even bigger role. Patching up and retouching an existing model, most often done by some other construction contractor might be more difficult than designing and perfecting a model yourself. So AR would make it easy by allowing you to superimpose your data based on the analysis of the existing structure and allowing you to understand the accuracy and the feasibility of the remodeling design finalized. Thus besides the construction contractors, residential remodeling contractors and commercial building remodeling contractors could also benefit from AR a great deal.


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