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5 Tips to Maintain an Air Vent

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One of the most important tools in the home is the air vent because they are responsible for moving air throughout your home. Because circulation of air happens through these vents, they are often filled with dirt and are contaminated with mold or rodents. This causes the many health issues in people who live in the house especially allergy problems. That is why environment protection agencies are particular about discussing the purpose of home air duct cleaning and benefits due to cleaning. Though the recommendations are not given directly, one would learn the importance of maintaining a clean air vent to stay healthy.

Here are some tips you can follow at home for maintenance of air vent to make sure you go in the right direction in the air vent cleaning process. Of course, you can always take the help of air duct cleaning services to properly maintain the ducts but if budget is a problem for hiring duct cleaning services, then the following tips will help you to maintain a good air vent.

The Problem of Mold

Mould is a common problem and it develops in all the places where moisture accumulates due to improper ventilation. Molds can create a lot of health problems when it develops in the air vents. This is because the air that is circulated inside our home has to travel through these vents and if the spores of the mold are released in the air, they enter our respiratory system and cause health problems. The common places of the development of mold are the hard parts of the vents or on the heating and cooling systems.

Though molds can be seen visibly in some areas of the vents, it can be confirmed after analyzing the samples from the vents in a laboratory. Without a confirmed test, one cannot ascertain the mold occurrence.

Remedial measure when molds affect the air ducts is to remove the damaged parts such as affected insulation and then replace it with new ones.

Checking for Clogs and Debris

Clogs and Debris affect the air ducts and it is a common issue. Sometimes, droppings of rodents and insects also affect the vents. If this becomes extreme and the vent is not maintained often, then the dirt and particles will be released into the air through the air ducts. Hence, it is important to protect the home from the dangers of these decaying particles through proper maintenance and air vent cleaning.

Checking for Clogs and Debris in ducts

Tips to Maintain Air Vent

With a few basic tools, one can easily do vent cleaning and maintain the air vents without the help of a vent cleaning service.

Assemble Essential Tools

The first thing to do is to assemble the tools.

  • A screwdriver
  • A vacuum with filter
  • Soft Brush or similar attachment in the vacuum
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cleaner
  • Grease Remover

Remove the Grates

The grates are first removed and soaked in hot water by adding a little soap to the water. As soon as the grease loosens, it can be scrubbed and cleaned. While the grates are soaked, you can proceed with the air duct cleaning.

Remove Debris

Debris that is larger in size can easily be removed by hand. When they are removed by hand, be careful to take them slowly as there are chances that you push them further into the vent.

The smaller debris, Dirt and Dust can be removed with the help of vacuum cleaner (with a soft brush attachment).

air duct cleaning companies that would do the work

Use a Damp clean cloth to clean the Air Duct

The vacuum cleaner sucks almost all the debris and dust. The remaining dust can be wiped with the help of a wet cloth.

Clean the Grates and Covers

By this time, the vent cover and grates would have got soaked well. You can either use an ordinary soap or homemade vent cleaners to remove the stubborn grease in the covers and brush them off before washing with warm water. Dry them with a clean cloth, they can be attached to their original place.


Not sure or confident about cleaning the air vent? Then, it is better to call air duct cleaning companies that would do the work for you. But be sure to maintain the vent to avoid major expenses in the future.

home air duct cleaning done

Cleaning The Air Ducts At Home Efficiently

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While there has been no concrete evidence to show that clean air ducts can reduce health problems, it does have some other benefits.

Many people feel that the air that they breathe feels cleaner after getting the home air duct cleaning done. Some people have noticed that the heating system and cooling systems functioned better since the air quality improved. It has been especially helpful for those who suffer from allergies.

There are a number of air duct cleaning companies who provide this service. The cost of the service would depend on the size of the system, its accessibility, the level of contamination etc.

If you choose not to hire their services or cannot afford them, you can do this process yourself. While your reach may be limited compared to one of the air duct cleaning services, you might be able to eliminate a significant quantity of dust.

one of the air duct cleaning services

You will need the following items to clean the air ducts

  • Vacuum cleaner:
    While a household vacuum cleaner would work, it will not give the same results as a heavy-duty vacuum. It is preferable to use a heavy-duty vacuum for the duct cleaning process.
  • Screwdriver:
    The covers of the air duct are held in place by using screws or fasteners. In order to remove the cover, you will need the appropriate screwdriver to unfasten the screws.
  • Cleaning brush:
    It is best to use something like a stiff bristle paintbrush. A toilet brush would also suffice for the purpose.
  • Broom:
    A broom will be used to gather and sweep all the dust present after you finish cleaning the ducts.
  • Paper towels:
    Paper towels will be very handy if you want to minimize the work of sweeping all the dust once you are done cleaning the ducts. They can also be used to cover some of the ducts while you are cleaning the others.

Cleaning the air ducts

Cleaning the air ducts

  • Before you begin that the power connected to the heating as well as air conditioning system is turned off.
  • Use the appropriate screwdriver to unscrew the covers of the air ducts.
  • With the help of the brush, clean the grates thoroughly and remove all the dust. Sometimes you might not be able to clean the grates well due to the accumulated dust and grime. If you feel that a brush is not helpful to get rid of the grime, you can clean them using soap and water.
  • The next step would be to vacuum the ducts as much as you can. This is the reason a heavy-duty vacuum would work better than a standard household vacuum.
  • The standard vacuum might not be able to clean deep into the ducts. They are less powerful and might not have a long hose.
  • Ensure that the hose is long so that it can clean the mold and mildew that may be present inside the ducts. You can hire one of the well-known duct cleaning services to make sure the ducts are cleaned well.
  • All the dust must be gathered and swept with the help of a broom. If the duct has not been cleaned for a long time, there might be a lot of dust and debris inside. You could also consider wearing a dust mask to protect yourself from the dust.

Whether you do it yourself or choose a professional resource, the air duct cleaning must be done well. Using the services of a professional is advisable, as they would have all the technical expertise and equipment to do a good job.