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Mold remediation

5 Ways To Clean Out Mold

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Discovering mold in your home is definitely a big concern because it directly affects that air that you breathe in. If you find mold colonies, it is likely that the mold spores are causing those frequent bouts of a cough and cold that your entire family seems to be suffering from. Most people would recommend hiring professional mold remediation services for home mold removal. However, there are ways in which you can tackle low to moderate mold infestation in your household all by yourself.

Use Bleach to Remove Mold

One of the most effective ways to get rid of mold is to use bleach. The best part about using bleach is the fact that it not only eliminates mold completely but also prevents residual mold spores from setting up new colonies in the household. Bleach should ideally be used on hard surfaces like floors, bathroom tiles and kitchen countertops etc.

Use Bleach to Remove Mold

While using bleach, ensure that your area is well-ventilated so that the toxic fumes are not inhaled by you directly. One essential safety tip while using bleach is to wear gloves for maximum security.


For home mold remediation, borax is an effective product that is also safe to use at the same time. Borax is safer to be used around pets and children than its counterpart, bleach. Borax eliminates mold and also acts as a natural insecticide. You need to add one cup of borax to a gallon of water and remove loose mold by brushing or vacuuming the area.

Vinegar can Remove Black Mold

One of the safest and natural ways of cleaning mold would be to use vinegar. You can use it on and around places that have food because it is in no way toxic. The only issue with vinegar is its sharp and pungent smell as long as the area is wet. Vinegar is not only effective at household mold removal but also discourages mold growth in future. If you regularly wipe your bathroom floors, walls and kitchen countertops with a vinegar and water solution, mold colonies are bound to stay away.


When it comes to using ammonia for mold remediation, the most effective way is to use it on hard surfaces. Ammonia does not work on porous surfaces. Like bleach, it should also be used with a lot of care and only in an area that is well-ventilated. Once the mold is killed, you have to clean and remove it from the area to avoid allergic reactions.

Mold Remediation with Hydrogen Peroxide

Safer than bleach and ammonia and as effective at household mold removal; hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic and easy in your pocket. It is absolutely safe for us, the environment as well as animals. Unlike bleach and ammonia, it can be used on porous surfaces as well. If you add hydrogen peroxide to vinegar and use it as a cleansing solution for kitchens, bathrooms and walls etc, you can rest assured that mold colonies will not stand a chance of attaching to these surfaces.

Mold Remediation with Hydrogen Peroxide

Mold remediation can be done by yourself as long as it is not extreme but if none of these measures work, then you might have to hire professional services.

Mold remediation

5 Health Risks Of Mold

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Continued use of the cooling and heating systems at home could clog the air ducts with mold and debris. The air that you breathe in is circulated throughout the house via these air ducts and if they are not as clean as they should be, they end up polluting the air even more. What could you do to ensure that the air you breathe in is clean and safe to inhale? Regular air duct cleaning mold remediation can help maintain the optimal quality of the air that you breathe. If you are unaware of how mold could affect your health, read this article to know more about the dangers you might be unconsciously exposing your family too.

Unexplained Rash

If you or one of your family members has been breaking into unexplained rashes frequently, then it is time to consider home mold removal. If there are areas in your house that retain moisture, they could very well be a breeding ground for mold buildup. If someone is allergic to mold, he or she could have frequent episodes of skin rash. These look like patches of raised, red bumps that are often itchy and look like hives.

allergic to mold

Itchy or irritated eyes

Have you been experiencing red, itchy and irritated eyes for a while now? If you don’t seem to remember the last time you got a household mold remediation, it is time to get it done right away. Exposure to mold spores could lead to chronic eye allergies and you could end up with itchy eyes that get better only with anti-allergy medication. This is reason enough to get a home mold removal done as soon as possible.

Upper Respiratory Tract Allergies

Exposure to mold spores could not only mean eye allergies but also frequent bouts of upper respiratory tract allergies. You can differentiate between a regular cold and an allergic cough by the number of days it lasts and the frequency. An allergic cough will persist for days and will have a wheezing sound. Mold remediation is your best solution for such circumstances.

Unexplained fatigue

If you have been eating well and seem to have no pre-existing health problems, there is no reason why you feel fatigued all the time. This is when you should take a look at the areas of the house that could be harboring mold. When mold spores enter your respiratory system, your lungs end up working more than it generally needs to and the lack of fresh, breathable air makes you feel tired, achy and fatigued.

Compromised Immunity

Regular exposure to mold is bound to compromise your immune system because it does not let your body function optimally. You are likely to suffer from frequent allergies and that in turn impacts your productivity in several ways.

For all these reasons and more, household mold removal is an absolute necessity by a professional mold removal service provider. Keeping a check of areas that are prone to moisture-buildup, especially during damp and humid weather conditions can help prevent the buildup in the first place. If you do notice mold build up despite checking often, hire professionals for mold remediation right away.