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Will Augmented Reality Help Construction Contractors?

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What is augmented reality (AR)?

Taking the 2D viewing to the next level comes to the augmented reality. This is the technology that allows you to gather information available on a normal display screen and superimpose it onto the physical realm to make it available in the visual sensory dimension. Figuratively, it is more like bringing your pictures to life. This gives you a whole new perspective to view your designs and help you find several flaws which might be difficult to notice on a normal display monitor. This is one main reason why several building construction contractors are now trying to implement AR systems.

augmented reality (AR)

Components of AR:

To understand how to use AR in construction, the residential contractors, and commercial construction contractors should first understand the basic components of an AR system:

  • Sophisticated AR displays
  • Visual Rendering engine that generates the AR content from the conventional data
  • Management system that handles the transfer of content to the display
  • Location tracking

How AR improves the visualization of the building designs:

3D modeling was a big leap to understand the three-dimensional perspective of any building plan. This has helped a lot of commercial construction contractors and residential construction contractors. But now with the ability to visualize the design, the contractor could project a large-scale version of his model, he could walk through the doors and tweak each part of the model. This would mean that several major flaws can be averted in the designs stages. This could also avoid the unnecessary costs incurred due to design flaws, which, without the availability of AR projections, might be difficult to visualize and identify.

Building information modeling (BIM) can also be implemented with ease:

As more and more building construction contractors have started understanding the significance of BIM, it has already seen a significant fame. Now AR can also enhance the popularity of BIM. BIM took CAD drawings and 2D modeling to the next level. AR will help take BIM to the next level. Better implemented BIM means easier implementation of AR, thus making it a win-win for both.

Improved safety during the actual construction:

A better perspective of the finer details of the model implies several small glitches in the design which might lead to blunders and unexpected safety breaches in the construction sites could be avoided. This is how AR can help make the construction site a much safer place to work. This would make the work a lot easier for the construction contractors. The safety checklist along with the BIM could significantly improve the safety aspects.

Quicker project deliveries due to AR:

AR and BIM collectively could reduce the project completion and thus hasten the delivery times. This can positively affect the construction businesses as well as the customers. As AR is seen to give a better visualization of the building design, it makes raw material and inventory planning more accurate. Design flaws could be averted; this avoids the wastage of resources in terms of the construction materials, the cost and the man hours. This would also significantly improve the time taken by the residential contractor to fully complete and handover the project.

AR for the residential remodeling contractor:

In remodeling and renovations, AR plays an even bigger role. Patching up and retouching an existing model, most often done by some other construction contractor might be more difficult than designing and perfecting a model yourself. So AR would make it easy by allowing you to superimpose your data based on the analysis of the existing structure and allowing you to understand the accuracy and the feasibility of the remodeling design finalized. Thus besides the construction contractors, residential remodeling contractors and commercial building remodeling contractors could also benefit from AR a great deal.