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Air Duct Cleaning Tips For Beginners

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The air ducts in your heating and cooling systems play a significant role in maintaining the hygiene and environment of your house. They circulate the air throughout the household and often end up getting clogged with mold and dust. The best way to keep the air in your house healthy and breathable is regular air duct cleaning. The safest way to get that done is to hire air duct cleaning companies that appoint professional air duct cleaners for the best results. In order to understand whether your air ducts need cleaning, there are five basic steps to follow.

Mold Assessment

If there is an area with inadequate ventilation, it will promote moisture buildup and mold, eventually. Mold development in your air ducts can mean an unhealthy environment inside the house because the air that is circulated via these ducts will be loaded with mold spores. Before hiring air duct cleaning services, you can assess the presence of mold by checking the hard surfaces of the air ducts. However, this is only a far-fetched assessment and the only certain way to assess the presence of mold is by conducting a laboratory analysis. This is best done by professional duct cleaning services.

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Clogs and Debris

Your ducts could be clogged with debris from insects and rodents. This could be moderate to extreme, depending upon the area where you reside. If the clogging is too severe for you to handle, it is a wise idea to call home air duct cleaning services. They will use air duct and vent cleaners to ensure that mold and mildew particles do not pollute the air that you breathe.

A Cleaning Estimate

While hiring air vent cleaning services, always ensure that you have a rough idea of the charges. Since the process is bound to be extensive, professional air duct cleaning companies inform their clients about the cleaning charges on phone/mail so that you are prepared beforehand. However, during vent cleaning, if they find the presence of mold, they might suggest lab examinations that could add to the cost.

Choosing the right service provider

When you are absolutely sure about hiring professional vent cleaners, you must be aware of the factors that help pick the right service provider. Getting references or testimonials is the first step in this process. You can also take a look at Better Business Bureau to rule out complaints by previous clients about a company. Before appointing vent cleaners, get an estimate of the process and a contract for the services and the price involved. If the service provides any guarantees, please get that documented as well.

EPA Recommendation

The final step is to understand EPA recommendations and rule out the environmental factors that are contributing to the formation of mold in your air ducts. If you find a confirmation, it is recommended that you take steps to fix the environmental issues that are involved so that the frequent formation of mold can be avoided altogether.

For optimal heating and cooling of your home, regular air duct cleaning is a must.