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Carpet Cleaning Scams – What Are They And How To Avoid Them?

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Anyone who owns a carpet struggles to keep it clean at all times. Not everyone is ok with keeping them dirty and letting them stay that way for long. When people are not able to clean it themselves, they go in for professional carpet cleaning services, as there are a number of carpet cleaners available in the market today.

Be it an office or a house, one can get hold of some of the best carpet cleaning companies in the market, and ensure their carpets are well maintained at all times. Many home carpet cleaners offer a variety of carpet cleaning services that include carpet stain removal, carpet steam cleaning, etc.

When such are the services offered, one can get tempted to try them all. However, one has to be careful and protect themselves from the number of scams that happens in this industry.  Here is a list of such scams one has to watch out for while hiring professional carpet cleaners.

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Lowest price Scams

There are sales people who will knock at your door, offering professional carpet cleaning services at a throwaway price. They will give you fliers and comparison charts that show how low their rates are when compared to the others in the market. This is a marketing gimmick to get you to sign up for the services.

Once the sale is done, the person gets paid for the number of contracts they land and you are approached by a professional few days later. This professional will inspect your home, the carpets and give you a quote that will be much higher than what the sales rep gave you. The reason stated will be, your carpets are too dirty or old or made of a tricky material that will require a lot more effort and different equipment.

Perfect Method Scams

Companies will claim to use the best method and the latest technology in cleaning the carpets and charge high. They may even claim to use “green” products, but in reality, would be using the regular carpet cleaning chemicals mixed with a little of the green products. As a result, you will be paying more for the same service offered by any other carpet cleaner.

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Temporary Cleaning Scam

Cleaning companies will promise to get rid of the toughest stains in no time and get you to sign the contract. After all, you have tried everything under the sun and that stain just won’t come off. Rather than throwing away the carpet, you would be ready to invest in a cleaning service.

The problem here is they might perform just a surface level cleaning, which will leave the carpet looking stain-free and fresh at first glance. But the stains will return in few days, the reason being, it was never completely cleaned.

Protect Yourself

So, how does one protect oneself from such scams?

Never believe everything told to you. do your own research about the company and the methods they claim are the best, to know if their claims hold any water. Always check the carpet thoroughly by combing the threads backward to see if the stain has really been removed, and only then pay up.